In 2020 I worked on some of the background, characters and animation for the documentary The Ungemach Experience.
This documentary tells the story of the Ungemach garden city in Strasbourg. The houses were reserved for couples of « healthy and fertile stock », who were obliged to have many children. This eugenic experiment lasted more than 60 years.
Distinctions :
2021 : FIFAAC – Festival International du Film d’Architecture – Bègles (France) – Mention spéciale du jury
2021 : Pariscience – Festival international du film scientifique – Paris (France) – Sélection
2021 : FIPADOC – Festival International Documentaire – Biarritz (France) – Les Remarqués
2021 : FIGRA – Festival International du Grand Reportage d’Actualité et du documentaire de société – Douai (France) – Compétition Terre(s) d’Histoire

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